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About Us

About Us

I had the privilege of growing up through the Sixties and spending my teen years living life to the fullest in the Seventies.   I loved this decade as many of you did.  There were so many great things that happened during this time. So many things about this period will never be duplicated but all have been documented in various ways: print, recordings and photographs.
This site offers you the chance to own a piece of history with authentic merchandise from the Sixties, Seventies And Beyond. Almost everything on our site (unless noted) is an original piece not a reproduction.  Many of the items were purchased by myself in the Seventies and have been stored away for all these years. I have collected more items than I have space available, so now is the time to spread the history to others who love this period as much as I do....All of these items are great collection or conversation pieces and can be framed as historical nostalgia to be admired by many....
I have cherished these items for years and would appreciate you doing the same if purchased........Thanks for stopping by and enjoy looking around.......Peace...

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