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Playboy/Suzanne Somers - February 1980

Playboy/Suzanne Somers - February 1980

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SPECIAL ARTICLES: Women At War - The Feminists, The Buttondown Terror Of David Duke Of The KKK,  The Year In Sex...

INTERVIEW: Patrick Caddell ( Jimmy Carters Unofficial Advisor).....

CENTERFOLD:  Sandra Cagle 35-25-35, Suzanne Somers- Actress (Nude Pictorial 1970)....

CELEBRITY: Four Page "Saturn 3" Movie Ad With Farah Fawcett And Kirk Douglas, Sammy Davis Jr Alka Seltzer Ad, Cheryl Tiegs Olympus Camera Ad, OJ Simpson Dingo Boot Ad, Leroy Newman Sketchbook.....

ADVERTISEMENTS:  Bush Beer Daytona 500 Sweepstakes, Two Page Porsche 924 Turbo, Mazda RX7, Toyota Celica GT, VW Rabbit Diesel, Jensen Car Audio, Two Page Kawasaki KZ LTD Motorcycle, Yamaha Motorcycles, Suzuki 1980GS Motorcycles, Technics, KLH Speakers, Puerto Rican Rums, Johnnie Walker Black, Sanyo Electronics, Kenwood, Maxell Tapes, Canon, Marlboro, Winston...Natural Spotting Due To 30 Year Publication...

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